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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 26, 2011 12:05am-1:05am EST

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time now for tonight's closing argument. president obama tonight spoke about a new "sputnik" moment for the country, calling for new clean energy sources and new teachers to educate the next generation of scientists and
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engineers. to pay for it all, president called for an end to subsidies for oil companies and to freeze and domestic discretionary spending. so, tonight, we wanted to ask you, what did you think of the president's speech? do you agree with his proposals? and do you think he's found a way to pay for them? we've heard from many of you tonight, but please join the conversation. tell us what you think at the "nightline" facebook page or on the "nightline" page at that is our report for tonight. i'm terry moran. for cynthia mcfadden, bill weir and all of us at abc news, good night, america. >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel for lifelock identity theft protection -- the company you can trust to protect your identity. the experts at lifelock are working right now to keep their members safe, and they're available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. my uncle frank will tell you with all the cyber-leaking and
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stealing on the internet these days, it is vital to protect yourself, right? >> right jim. >> right jim. >> jimmy: am i seeing double, or are there two uncle franks? >> i am uncle frank. >> i am uncle frank. >> i am uncle frank. he stole my identity. >> no, jim, i'm uncle frank. he stole my identity. >> jimmy: i'm totally confused. here's a question only the real uncle frank would know the answer to. where were you born? >> brooklyn, new york. >> brooklyn. >> jimmy: oh. what are your daughters names? >> mickey, sally and anne. >> mine have the same names. >> jimmy: well -- all right. how much do you weigh? >> 162. >> 162, jim. >> jimmy: well -- you see how insidious this identity theft is? i don't even know my own uncle anymore. i'm calling lifelock. >> dicky: lifelock --
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- anthony hopkins. academy award nominee, hailee steinfeld. and music from delta spirit. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" >> dicky: and now, with the greatest of ease, here's jimmy kimmel!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thank you for coming. i feel like things are going well between us so far. president obama made his annual state of the union address tonight from washington, d.c. it was on all the channels. one of the shows they preempted was an hour of "the biggest loser" which means all those fat people exercised this week for no reason at all. very sad. this year, there's a fun drinking game being played across the country. you listen to the speech, every time you think about the actual state of the union, you take a drink. it helps. obama made a major announcement
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tonight. he's oprah's half-brother. it's -- there's been so much confusion about the birth certificate. you know, formally during the state of the union address, the democrats sit on one side of the room and the republicans sit on the other. but tonight, i guess to give the appearance that there's some kind of cooperation going on, lawmakers paired up, and they sat next to each other. which is -- 55 years after rosa parks, we finally integrated washington, and -- while it was a nice idea, i'm not sure it worked out exactly the way they hoped it would. >> it's no secret that those of us here tonight have had our differences over the last two years. the debates have been contentious. we have fought fiercely. what comes of this moment will be determined not by whether we can sit together tonight, but whether we can work together tomorrow.
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>> jimmy: that was part of the taiwanese con ten gent, there, i think. the republican response, there's a response after the president speaks, was actually somewhat gracious. they said it was a pretty good speech for a foreigner, and they liked it. obama's focus tonight was on the economy. he talked a lot about how he wants to create jobs. and then announced a plan to freeze government spending. basically he's promising to put people to work without spending any money to do it, which is what happens after you get a visit from the president of china, and -- obama wants to freeze government spending for the next five years. and then, in year six, have a huge party and blow all of it, which -- why not, right? sounds like fun. [ applause ] thank you. that choreographed clapping brings this to mind. funny how it works. they applaud after almost every
12:14 am
sentence at these state of the union addresses. but watch vice president biden in the background here because it's just as important to clap as to know when not to clap. >> it's the most meaningful reform in the education. >> jimmy: well, that, i was going into my pocket to get a mint. [ laughter ] the -- the nominations for the 83rd annual academy awards were announced this morning. i like that we have our priorities straight. oscar nominations first, state of the union second. the nominations were made at 5:30 a.m. every year i do a fun thing. i get up very early, i call every famous person i know and say, good news, and i tell them i got a new car. it's hilarious. sorr sorry.
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last year the academy expanded the best picture category. used to be five films. now, it's a lot more. it takes a little bit of the specialness out of it. >> the best picture nominees for 2010 are. "black swan." "the fighter." "inception." "the kids are all right." >> "blue valentine." "sy "toy story three." "sex and the city two." "hot tub time machine." "alvin and the chimp moneyil c." >> jimmy: i think that's good. oscar winner anthony hopkins is here with us tonight. we have a new entry into the world of oscars. oscar nominee hailee steinfeld
12:16 am
from "true grit." she was nominated for best supporting actress. she's great in the movie. only 14. she's the youngest best supporting actress nominee since ashley olsen got nominated for "full house, the movie" back in 1989. mtv announced today that season four of "jersey shore" will take place in italy. just the thing to repair america's image abroad. they said they wanted to give the kids a chance to broaden their horizons by having them vomit over a whole new country. mtv said the cast is headed to the birthplace of the culture they love. we can't wait to see what eru erupts. i'm looking forward to the episode to where the pope smuggles snooblg ki out of the vatican with his hat. remember ted williams, the homeless guy with the golden voice? well, first, you know, he was
12:17 am
discovered on the side of the road. he became a hit on the internet. then he was on every show on television. then he got a visit from police after a fight with his daughter. then dr. phil sent him to rehab and yesterday, he checked out of rehab early against the advice of his doctors, so, what a heart-warming story this turned out to be. this keeps up, he could wind up with the lead role on "two and a half men." right now -- [ applause ] i guess no one -- no one knows where he is. he was in rehab in texas, some tabloid is reporting he went to his ex-girlfriend, samantha ronson. when ted was a feel good story, kraft gave him a job as the voice of their commercials. i'm rooting for the guy along with everyone else. if you have seen the commercials, you know there were some warning signs and i guess at the time we just didn't want to acknowledge them. >> kraft macaroni and cheese.
12:18 am
hot damn, i'd eat the hell out of that. wow, it's hot! hot, hot, oh, damn. >> mr. williams, sir -- >> get your [ bleep ] hands off me, boy! don't you know who i am? i'm ted williams, the man with the golden voice! kraft macaroni and cheese. you know you love it. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: well, that's -- [ cheers and applause ] you have to pay attention to the nuances. this is pretty funny. normally i don't pay alot of attention to soccer unless i get hit by a ball in the face. but this is pretty good. this is from brazil. a player named gladstone got hurt in the game. but brazilian rescue workers were on the scene.
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>> jimmy: hey! there you two. that's a friend who doesn't care. drove an brans into tambulance wall. that's obamacare for you right there. some big news from rapper and lover flavor flav, who at long last has opened his own fried chicken restaurant. flavor flav's chicken opened in iowa this week, just in time for national racial stereotypes day. you're probably asking what qualifies him to open an restaurant? that's a great question that he did an newspaper interview and answered it recently, yesterday or something. >> you know, my family, we used to own a restaurant called the soul diner and i used to watch my sisters and my mom and them cook and everything, you know, and i kind of, you know, learned
12:20 am
how to cook on my own by watching them, but also i did go to cooking school in 1978 and, you know, i got a degree in cheffing. >> jimmy: a degree in cheffing. the top chefs call it sheing. the menu -- i saw it online today. you can choose between fried and baked. the chicken will be fried and the customers will be baked. this is -- this is big news in clinton, iowa. rappers rarely open restaurants there. it's all over the news and they're running a tv commercial, too. >> for the best fried chicken in eastern iowa, it's flav's fried chicken. >> yeah, boy! >> how do we get that flavor? use only the finest chicken, fry it up slow and then flame broil it on viking helmet skewers. >> flavor flav! >> once you take a bite of my chicken, boom!
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>> flav's fried chicken. open 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. l bite the fowl. >> bite the fowl! >> bite the fowl! >> yummy. >> bite the fowl! >> yummy! >> bite the white meat! >> yummy! >> jimmy: yummy, indeed. [ cheers and applause ] one more thing. i -- this is what i guess you would call compelling video. a man set his camera up. he laid down on train tracks and taped himself as a train rolled over him. he posted it to youtube. this is exciting. we may well have found the world's stupidest man. >> those are the tracks. and here comes the train. he's alive. he's laying there.
12:22 am
i don't know how he figured out that this would be fine, but -- um -- you can see, he's -- >> i'm alive! i'm alive! [ applause ] >> jimmy: little mustache on the -- hey, we have a good show tonight. from "true grit," 134-year-old oscar nominee hailee steinfeld is here. we'll have music from delta spirit. and we'll be right back with anthony hopkins, so stick around. three years from now, a 2011 ford fusion is
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>> jimmy: well, hi there. thank you, cleto. tonight on the show, a young woman who was nominated by the academy for best supporting actress this morning for her
12:27 am
role in the movie "true grit." hailee steinfeld is here. then later on -- making their second appearance on our show with music from this, their latest album, "history from below." delta spirit from the bud light stage. and you can see them live in april at the coachella music festival. tomorrow night -- amy poehler, martha plimpton, and music from cold war kids. and then on thursday, ryan seacrest, from "the fighter," melissa leo, and music from cage the elephant. so, please join us for those, too. our first guest tonight is an oscar winning actor, a knight and the greatest spokesperson the fava bean council has ever had. you can see him now kicking the devil out of people in the new movie "the rite" which opens in theaters friday. please say hello to anthony hopkins. [ cheers and applause ]
12:28 am
>> thank you. how are you? >> jimmy: thank you for coming. real pleasure to meet you. >> good to see you. >> jimmy: i was planning to call you sir but i hear that you prefer that i don't. >> yeah. >> jimmy: why is that? if i was a sir i would be sir everywhere i went. it would be sir this and sir that. >> i live in america and it seems kind of -- >> jimmy: it doesn't apply? sir mix a lot uses it. >> it gets me a good table in a restaurant. no, it's a great honor and i appreciate it. but it feels like a kind of extra leg. i'm very proud of it. >> jimmy: is the queen aware that you don't like the nickname? >> i hope not. some actors like to use it. i'm easy going about it. >> jimmy: i like that. and, so -- this is the day that the oscars are announced, the nominations, anyway. do you remember -- "silence of
12:29 am
the lambs" would be the first movie you were nominated for and you won, of course. but do you remember being called and that process? >> oh, yeah. yeah, i didn't expect to win. i was -- i was against some great actors. and -- but i had no idea i was going to get it. and somebody told me before i went in there, they said, you've got it. i said, ah, nobody knows. and, so, when they called mykat have a speech, i didn't expect it. i didn't know what to say -- >> jimmy: you didn't prepare anything at all? >> i had no idea. >> jimmy: you have to have more confidence in yourself. >> i don't have that much confidence. i -- i never -- i always have the least expectations. >> jimmy: that's probably the best way to go about things. >> you don't take yourself seriously. >> jimmy: and you don't go home sad. i've been to award shows and i've seen people with the
12:30 am
speeches not win and kind of have to put them away sadly and it is one of the saddest things you'll ever see. >> they have to be smiling and all that. >> jimmy: when did you first come to hollywood? what was your first real living experience? >> first time was in 1973 in november, i came out, i was doing a movie with goldie hawn. when i woke up, i thought i was in atlantis, with the sun. i was drinking tequila at the time. there was a little restaurant called dino's, owned by dean martin. i went in there hoping to see him and he never went in there. i walked down and stood in the footprints of hum free bogart and people like that. the director of the movie phoned me, said, i'm going to take you
12:31 am
up to the bel air hotel. i thought i was on mars. i never experienced anything like california. i was hooked. and a few years later i came back and i lived here. >> jimmy: packed your things and came here. wow. that's -- >> fantastic. >> jimmy: a lot of people don't like california, but i always wonder what it is exactly that they don't like. >> it's too easy. >> jimmy: it's too easy? >> especially from new york, or britain. how do you live out there? i say, very well, thank you. how can you live here? very well. >> jimmy: i learned today, and i apologize, i did not know this but you are a very serious musician. i knew you paint and i've seen those, they're terrific. >> do you want me to play something now? >> jimmy: why not? you play the piano. i hesitate to say pianist, because people get the wrong idea, but indeed, that is what you are. >> i -- yes, yes. but i write music and i paint
12:32 am
and i do all kinds of things. >> jimmy: i always wanted to ask you about one little thing in particular because i was watching "american idol," i think it was two years ago and, well, let's take a look at this. >> you rocked it again tonight. >> thank you, thank you. >> jimmy: now that, almost looked like you. >> i look like i'm drunk. >> jimmy: you were watching adam lambert there -- >> my wife said, you're on camera. look intelligent. >> jimmy: you are a fan of the show? >> yeah, it's a great show. it's like the american dream. all the kids can get up there and do what they want and i think it's fantastic. >> jimmy: have you voted for "american idol"? >> no, my wife makes me watch it. >> jimmy: she's the one that's into it. >> i'm a great fan. >> jimmy: last year, whose team were you on?
12:33 am
>> she was the one, i thought she was fantastic. >> jimmy: see, you didn't call and she didn't win. >> i like the new team they've got now. >> jimmy: you do? >> i saw that the other day. >> jimmy: you're a friend of randy jackson? >> yeah. we've had dinner. >> jimmy: that seems strange. >> i want to be a judge on the show. >> jimmy: you'd be a great judge. would you be -- >> you think so? >> jimmy: would you be tough on them? >> i couldn't be tough on them. i see j.lo can't be tough on them. she's finding it difficult to say no. that means she has a lot of compassion. simon cowell was pretty tough. >> jimmy: just what we need to see, compassion on television. we have oprah for compassion. we need simon back is what we really mean. does randy jackson call you dog -- >> yeah, he does. yeah. he's great. >> jimmy: i would never call you dog. it's unacceptable. just hit him. he's looking in great shape, randy is. >> jimmy: well, yeah.
12:34 am
>> he goes to my gym. >> jimmy: does he really? >> no, no. >> jimmy: he was here last week and -- >> he's a great friend of the show? >> jimmy: well, the show doesn't really have any friends of the show. we like him a lot and he's buddies with guys in the band here. he's a good guy. i just can't imagine the two of you hanging out. i would love to see you do a buddy film. >> that's on the cards. my agent is working that out now. hey, dog. >> jimmy: that would be a good title for it. >> what's up dog? >> jimmy: "silence of the dogs." have you ever thought about doing a role that is very, just completely ridiculous, like, a remake of "earnest goes to camp" or something like that? most of your roles are -- i'm finding it a little bit weird talking to you that you're so friendly.
12:35 am
>> are you scared of me? >> jimmy: now i'm not. when i watched the movie, i was. it's a good movie. >> i'm not really like the characters. >> jimmy: turns out you're just acting. >> i'm just acting. that's all it is is acting. >> jimmy: everything is real. tell us about this movie, "the rig rite." you play an exorcist, which -- did you go study with an exorcist? are there exorcists around? >> yeah, there was one on our set. >> jimmy: that's fun. >> yeah, father gary thomas. and he's from california and it's his story. >> jimmy: father gary is an exorcist? this is the story of his life? >> i'm always in doubt about everything, which makes it open but it's an interesting story, because it is about -- does the devil exist or does it not. is it a mental disorder or a
12:36 am
possession? father gary asked me, what do you think? i said, i don't know, i have doubts about everything. but it's an interesting. the young actor who is in it with me is colin o'donnell, great young actor, he's -- >> jimmy: was he intimidated working with you? >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: i would think. >> young irish guy and his first movie and he said, i'm a bit nervous. i said, oh, really, you should be. so i said, a few days went on, he said, how do you think that scene was? i said, is that the way you're going to play the part? i said, it's your career, it's up to you. then he knows it's a joke. then he insults me back. >> jimmy: right. >> he's a good kick. all the girls will love him. he's a great kid. >> jimmy: he did a very good job in the movie. and -- i don't want to give away too much and i want to be careful. >> i become possessed myself.
12:37 am
>> jimmy: you do, the exorcist becomes p s possessed by the de. >> i have a crisis of faith, i play a priest who is an exorcist and then i become hooked myself and he has to exorcise me. he has his doubts, the young priest, so, he has to help me out. >> jimmy: a priest cannot drive the devil out of themselves. >> no. >> jimmy: it's in a way like masturbation, you cannot -- >> oh, really? >> jimmy: yeah, it is. i've researched it. we have a guy on set. >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: he shows me everything. but we have -- we have a clip here of the movie. and in this clip, okay, so, in this clip, you, you are possessed by the devil. >> or something. maybe it's a mental disorder, but yeah. >> jimmy: the devil, a demon, we don't know for sure. >> we don't know for sure. >> jimmy: well, we know the movie opens on friday. >> that's true.
12:38 am
>> jimmy: take a look. >> come in, please. so, shall we begin? >> in time, father. >> i told you, he's not here. >> and who are you? >> i'm just an old friend. >> a friend? >> yeah. >> i'm not sure i follow you. >> oh, you'll follow me, michael. you always follow me. you follow me now, michael. close the door, please. we don't want to be disturbed, do we? >> jimmy: i went right through that door and ran out the door. thank you for being here, it's really great to meet you. anthony hopkins, everyone. don't call him sir, he doesn't
12:39 am
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and never settle for less. >> jimmy: hi there, we're back. still to come, delta spirit. earlier today, our next guest got one of the best surprises a 14-year-old girl could ever wish for next to an unlimited text messaging plan. chef was nominated for an academy award in the category of best supporting actress for her role in "true grit." >> why have you been pursuing janie? >> he shot and killed a senate senator in waco, texas. he family put out a reward. you know anything about the whereabouts of him? >> he's in the territory. i hold out little hope. >> why is that? >> i hired a deputy marshall, toughest one they have. >> jimmy: "true grit" is in theaters now. please say hello to hailee steinfeld.
12:44 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for being here. and congratulations. what a day. how did it all begin today? >> i was asleep when the announcements were being made. my parents -- i woke up from my parents screaming in the other room. so that -- >> jimmy: they were fighting? >> no, no, no. no. they had the announcement, they were watching the announcements. >> jimmy: they didn't wake you up? >> no. >> jimmy: did they have a plan in case you weren't nominated? was there some sort of, like, a plan b? >> i don't know. >> jimmy: i guess -- >> i should ask them. >> jimmy: you should. and how did you celebrate? waffles? >> no. i had the four seasons eggs and it -- >> jimmy: you guys were in a hotel? >> we actually went to the four seasons after we found out. >> jimmy: that's very excitinex. and people knew and were congratulating you? >> yeah. i think i got more texts today
12:45 am
than any time ever in my life. >> jimmy: your friends excited? yeah. that's a big deal, i mean, i'm trying -- i was trying to imagine today when i was 14, like, something like this happening and it just -- it's just -- i mean, really, like, i won the spilling bee when i was in eighth grade and i thought i was a real big shot. but this is something else. i really think you have a good chance of winning. when i saw the movie, i said, "i bet she's going to win." that would be something else. but on the other hand, if you win, it's all downhill from there. doesn't get better than that. you have to look at it two ways. maybe, you know, say, all right, if i didn't win, i have something to look forward to in the future. as a kid, you're not, you can't drive yet, you can't do any of these things. it's not overwhelming to you? >> no, it is. it's very overwhelming. it's a lot. but i mean, i have, again, great family and friends that are very supportive and, you know -- >> jimmy: maybe the most
12:46 am
overwhelming thing of all, justin bieber tweeted to and about you today. are you aware of that? >> i am. >> jimmy: justin said, met hailee at the globes. congratulations for being 14 for getting nominated. now, hailee, get a twitter. >> i'm thinking i should. >> jimmy: maybe so. you presented with him at the golden globes. there you are, towering over him. >> no. no. it was my shoes. i promise. >> jimmy: what, you wore the special humiliate justin shoes? >> no. >> jimmy: are you a justin bieber fan? does this make you crazy? >> yeah. >> jimmy: it does? like crazy, like, these girls are just screaming and lunatics -- do you have his records and you listen to them and stuff? >> of course. >> jimmy: you really need to start communicating with justin on twitter. you have to be careful because
12:47 am
when the world feels like, like justin maybe be, like, attracted to a girl, she becomes, like, osama bin laden, i mean, it becomes the bieber fever suddenly becomes a horrendous case of malaria and can swallow you up so if anything does go on, keep it quiet, is what i'm saying. >> got it. >> jimmy: don't tweet it, just queen it quiet. tweeting is where you really run into trouble. i tell you, you know, it's especially amazing for me because knowing that just, like, what, four months ago you were working as my assistant and to see you doing so well now really is incredible, and i'm so happy that it turned out this way for you. >> thank you. >> jimmy: because, it wasn't, it didn't go, you know, the assistant thing didn't go as well as we -- >> planned. >> jimmy: actually, i have -- i tape everything, you know, my security cameras in the office,
12:48 am
as you know, and i actually have some video from when you were working as my assistant tsh. >> you do? >> jimmy: i thought it would be fun to share with people. women, take a look. this is hailee and me. >> mr. kimmel, i believe you and i have a business matter acquiring your utmost attention. >> oh, yeah. can i order lunch? >> it's my duty to inform you, i am about to embark on a great adventure. >> jimmy: cool. call me jimmy. >> mr. kimmel, i may be buzz 14 but i have extensive experience. >> jimmy: you know, about that, when i hired you, you said you were 28. >> mr. kimmel, it makes no matter if you knew my age correctly. surely a man of your age and learning should know better that a girl 14 is twice her age. >> jimmy: okay, i have no idea what you're talking about, but
12:49 am
can i get lunch? >> mr. kimmel, you need to forego at least a small amount of food to manage your health. >> jimmy: so, i can't get lunch? >> i'm looking for lunch myself. >> jimmy: go get lunch. please. >> but i do not have money in which to purchase food. after all, i am just 14 years old. >> jimmy: all right, here, listen, get lunch for yourself, please, and just you go ahead and eat. don't worry about me, all right? >> thank you mr. kimmel. pleasure doing business with you. >> jimmy: you too. and hailee? you're fired. yeah. well, imagine how red faced i am now that you're nominated for an academy award. i never would have fired you. well, cob garangratulations. and remember what anthony hopkins said, don't write a speech, just to up there and wing it, all right?
12:50 am
hailee steinfeld, everyone. "true grit" is in theaters now. we'll be right back with delta spirit. [ male announcer ] got a cold? [ sniffles ] [ male announcer ] not sure what to take? now click on the robitussin relief finder at click on your symptoms. get the right relief. ♪ makes the cold aisle easy. ♪ the robitussin relief finder. it's that simple. with an irresistible full key... oh, too much? now get an lg quantum™ for only $99.99. only from at&t. rethink possible. here's the gum for the rest of the time. dentyne pure.
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>> jimmy: this is their latest cd. it's called "history from below." here with the song "white table," delta spirit. ♪
12:59 am
♪ meet me darlin won't you i've been waiting for you at my lonesome white table ready willing and able ♪ ♪ torn in two beaten and scarred i'll give you my love but not my heart ♪ ♪ tattered and worn battered and bruised i'll give you my love
1:00 am
but it won't be ♪ ♪ true oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ someday darlin maybe you could be my baby until then i'll be waitin at my lonesome white table ♪ ♪ torn in two beaten and scarred i'll give you my love but not my heart ♪ ♪ tattered and worn
1:01 am
battered and bruised i'll give you my love but it won't be true ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ oh oh ♪ oh oh ♪
1:02 am
♪ ♪ oh oh ♪ oh oh ♪ oh oh ♪ oh oh ♪ oh oh ♪ oh oh ♪ oh oh
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